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K'Nex Releases Titanfall Building Sets

Today K’NEX toy company introduced the first line of their Titanfall licensed building sets. The six sets come at a variety of different sizes and price points, and include fan favorite Titans as well as battle scenes inspired by the game.

The video below shows off a 360 rotating view of the two actual K’nex titan models, along with a graphic displaying actual height:

The K’nex Titanfall building sets are meant for ages 8 and up and will be available Fall 2014. The detailed contents and pricing of all five of the building sets are as follows (click images to expand):

Ultimate Angel City Campaign Building Set
This set recreates the ruined streets of Angel City in the midst of one of Titanfall’s pitched battles. The Angel City Campaign set includes over 1,400 K’nex pieces which build 2 Titans that are each 12” tall, 6 figures, of both pilots and spectres, assorted “working” Titan and pilot weaponry and stationary turrets, and exclusive decals. The Ultimate Angel City Campaign Building Set will cost $119.99. 





Angel City Escape Building Set
The Escape set features another dense Angel City environment inspired by the retreating mechanic featured in Titanfall. This set includes more than 500 K’nex pieces, as well as 2 Pilot figures and 2 Spectre figures. The Angel City Escape Building Set will cost $44.99.





Militia Ogre Titan Building Set
The 160+ pieces included in this set will allow you to build the Militia’s Ogre titan, along with its shoot-able gun, exclusive decals, and Militia Pilot which fits inside the Titan. When complete, the Ogre is 10” high. The Ogre Titan Building Set will cost $34.99.





IMC Atlas Titan Building Set
160+ pieces will also build the IMC Atlas Titan, along with its usable gun, exclusive decals, and Pilot. The Atlas also stands 10” high once built, and will cost $34.99.






IMC Pilot Strike Building Set
The IMC Pilot Strike Building Set includes more than 80 K’nex pieces which will build a building for the included Spectre and IMC pilot to battle through. This set combines well with the Militia Attack Building set below, and will cost $12.99





Titanfall: Militia Pilot Attack Building Set
The 80+ pieces included in this set will construct a small building, and include a Spectre and Militia pilot to do battle inside of it. This set combines well with the IMC Pilot Strike Building Set above, and will also cost $12.99.  





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