Yes, Dungeon Defenders II is slated to come out in 2014, but that isn't stopping Trendy Entertainment from sending off the original tower defense/RPG hybrid in style.

Dungeon Defenders Eternity is not unlike a game of the year edition. This $15 release bundles all of the previously released content along with four new missions, a redesigned loot system, new equipment, rebalanced gameplay, dedicated servers that support cross-platform play, and exclusive content that will carry over to Dungeons Defenders II. Fun fact: This is also the first game developed on Unreal Engine 3 to be fully playable via browser.

If you already own Dungeon Defenders on Steam or Android Tegra devices, you can pick up the extra content for $6.


Our Take
In anticipation of GameSpy shutting down its servers, Trendy started building its own proprietary technology to support Dungeon Defenders. It will be interesting to see how Playverse's cross-platform play holds up with Eternity. This is a good test bed to make sure everything is ready for when Dungeon Defenders II releases later this year.