Update: Beyond the Brick interviewed builder Imagine Rigney about his impressive Bioshock exhibit at BrickWorld this year. You can watch the video interview, in which Rigney discusses why he chose the bank, his favorite parts of Bioshock Infinite, and his personal building style, below.

Original Story:

You may remember Lego builder Imagine Rigney’s awesome custom made Songbird from Bioshock Infinite. Last month, at the Lego expo BrickWorld, Rigney revealed that the Songbird was just a small part of his much larger Bioshock-themed exhibit, which features a detailed battle scene in the Bank of the Prophet.

In the exhibit, Rigney’s Songbird perches atop the Bank as Booker blasts a Founder with the Shock Jockey below. The craftsmanship is impressive as always, as is the amount of Bioshock flavor: there’s a hulking Handy Man, a skyhook rail, and Elizabeth is peeking out through one of her tears. 

If you look closely in the rest of the photos of the exhibit on Rigney’s flickr page, you may see even more familiar faces and scenes, from Bioshock Infinite, the Lego Movie, and more. For more creative crossovers between Lego and video games, check out your favorite NES game moments in Lego form

[Source: Flickr via the brothers brick, Interview: Beyond the Brick]