The Mortal Kombat universe has no shortage of crazy characters, but that may not be enough for the team at NetherRealm Studios. Series co-creator Ed Boon says that we can expect guest fighters from other universes, too.

Speaking to Polygon, Boon mentions that Freddy Krueger sold well as DLC for the previous entry (pictured above), and that Scorpion was popular for Injustice. Fans seem to enjoy these deviations in the roster, and it looks like they can count on seeing them in MK X as well. “It's working out for us, and I'd be surprised if we ignored those numbers," Boon says.

Before you let your imagination run too wild, Boon also squelched any hope that DC heroes could be among the familiar faces. "The main reason is, I have no desire to cut Batman's head off,” Boon says. “I have no desire to kill Superman."

In terms of returning characters, we know that Raiden will be coming back, but which characters from other corners of gaming culture could be joining the fray? Who are you hoping to see?

(Source: Polygon)


Our Take
Freddy Krueger was a perfect fit for the Mortal Kombat universe, and there are plenty of properties that fit well with its gory and super-violent vibe. I can't wait to see what the team comes up with, because if there's one thing gamers love, it's knowing which popular character could beat another popular character in a fight.