Halo 2 is getting a new vehicle - sort of. Developer 343 Industries has announced that it's bringing the Mongoose, a classic vehicle from Halo 3, 4, and Reach, to Halo 2. However, the ATV is getting an important upgrade.

You can see the full concept below that shows the Gungoose, named as such due to the fact that it now also has a mounted machine gun turret on top of it. The Gungoose will be used in a new variant mode announced for the updated Halo 2 called Gungoose Capture The Flag. With this news also comes that one of the six updated maps is Coagulation (or Blood Gulch from Combat Evolved).

Be sure to watch the newest trailer for the game shown at the Rooster Teeth Expo. The Master Chief Collection contains remastered versions of the original Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 with all additional content and multiplayer for each game. To learn more, read our rundown of the release here.

Halo: The Master Chief collection is slated for release on November 11 on the Xbox One.