In celebration of our nation’s holiday (and savings on games), Humble Bundle has kicked off its DRM Freedom Sale. The event, which started earlier today, runs through July 16.

Each day, the sale will refresh with new titles at discounts up to 85 percent off the normal price. Every game is DRM free, though some include Steam access.

Each purchase also aids charity, with 10 percent of the purchase price going to the American Red Cross, Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, World Land Trust, and charity:water.

The Humble Store has raised over $1 million since its inception in November 2013. Humble Bundle, which has been in existence since May 2010, has raised over $39 million for charity.

You can check out the sale on the Humble Store.


Our Take
You might think you’re tapped out after the Steam and sales, but you probably missed something you didn’t even know you want. Or maybe, you just want to buy a game and support charity at the same time. Or, I suppose it’s possible that you just love bargains and won’t ever play the games you buy. That doesn’t sound like anyone I know.