Ubisoft has announced the first of six planned downloadable content packages for Trials Fusion is coming July 29. Titled Riders Of The Rustlands, the new content takes place in the outskirts of the main game's pristine cityscape, focusing on dilapidated industrial complexes in deserted wastelands.

Riders Of The Rustlands includes 10 new tracks, 18 new track challenges, and additional Rustland-themed track editor objects. The DLC will sell for $4.99 individually and comes at no extra charge with the $19.99 season pass, which also includes an exclusive Crater Hazmat Suit rider gear.

Ubisoft also teased the second content pack Empire Of The Sky, a locale of floating isles, arriving later this summer. In addition to paid content, expect free updates for Trials Fusion, including an online multiplayer mode slated for later this year.

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