One of our favorite spoofs from April Fool’s Day this year came from high-end peripheral (and laptop) manufacturer Razer. The company put together a video featuring the (fictional) Eidolon wearable drone system that lets you see life as a video game.

The Hexo+ intelligent drone by Squadrone System won’t beam its feed right into your eyes like the Eidolon would if it were real, but it is a drone that can follow you via GPS and connection to your smart phone. Squadrone’s Kickstarter has reached nearly 20 times its goal of $50,000 with 15 days left to go.

The Hexo+ uses a GoPro action camera mount (or an optional 360 degree mount), and the battery for autonomous flight is supposedly 15 minutes with the craft moving at 45 miles per hour. Shot framing is handled via the mobile app, and Hexo+ is claiming that the drone is stable and safe (with software that allows for a safe landing in case of problems).

Just know that the Hexo+ isn’t inexpensive. The backer tier that includes an HD GoPro is $799. For $200 more, you can get a 4K version of the camera. If you already have a GoPro, you can get everything you need for just $599.

Contact lenses that will let you see what the drone does in real-time? Stay tuned. Science isn’t there yet.