This week we take a look at brand new games that might pique your interest but also talk about discounts and re-releases to ensure that there's something for everyone looking to play a game on the go this week.

Monsters Ate My Cake
Developer: Cartoon Network
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: $5

Don't be fooled by the art style and silliness of Monsters Ate My Cake. Cartoon Network's puzzler has been received very well critically and promises to be fun for all ages. To see some gameplay, check out the trailer above.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Developer: Gameloft
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: Free

This game has been out for awhile now, but it's worth noting that it's currently free to play (with in-app purchases). If you've ever wanted to fight bad guys as Captain America on the go, there hasn't been a better time.

Developer: Gimo Games
Platforms: iOS
Price: $1

Despite taking notes from Super Hexagon and Geometry Wars, this interesting arcade shooter doesn't seem any less fun or unique. It's almost hard to describe how it works; you're better off watching the trailer above. It's on sale for just $1 right now, but the price will go up soon.

The Rhythm of Fighters
Developer: SNK Playmore
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: $1

This rhythm/fighting hybrid, based on the popular King of Fighters, requires you to hit combos in time with music tracks to fight your opponents. The game only costs a buck to play but there are downloadable track packs as well.

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix
Developer: Square Enix
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: $18

This RPG has been available on the iPhone for quite a few months now but is now available for Android as well. To learn more about the game, read our recent preview for it.

What fun mobile games have you all been playing this week?