In November 2013, Humble Bundle, the organization known for pay-what-you-can game bundles opened a storefront. Eight months later, the company has hit a major milestone.

Humble Bundle has announced that through the Humble Store, which donates 10 percent of purchases to charity and returns 75 percent of the purchase price to developers, over $1 million have been donated to charity. The Humble Store currently supports five organizations: the American Red Cross, Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, World Land Trust, and charity:water.

Since its opening, the Humble Store has grown from nine titles to over 500, including offerings from small indie developers and AAA titles from large publishers. Humble Bundle was started in 2010 and offers customers the opportunity to split their pay-what-you-can contributions amongst charities, developers and publishers, and Humble Bundle itself (for operating costs). Since its inception, the company has raised $39 million for charity.


Our Take
It take a lot to go head-to-head with major storefronts like Steam, Origin, and GoG, but Humble Bundle’s approach is admirable and has won a number of supporters. Knowing that the company not only supports charity, but also returns a reasonable portion of the end-user sales to developers are wins for socially conscious gamers.