Hide your wallets, because the Steam Summer Sale is here. Valve’s torrent of bargains begins right now and runs through June 30.

As with previous sales, there’s an over-arching meta-campaign to earn Summer Sale trading cards, craft badges, earn exclusive in-game items, and win free games. 

Additionally, every user can be assigned to one of five colored teams (go Team Pink!). Each day, you'll earn points for your team by crafting badges (regular and foil) at varying levels from one to one hundred points (with the foil Summer Sale badge the big getter). The 30 who contributed the most points to the winning team will earn three games from their wishlists. Any point contributors to the winning team get two additional trading cards. If you contributed points to any team on a given day, but didn't win, you'll earn a single card.  

This sale’s community choice process is a bit different, though. Instead of voting on one of three games, you can choose to support one of two categories with four titles each. The first batch, for instance, is Action-RPG vs Indie - Great Soundtrack. These votes refresh every 8 hours, and every three votes gets you a trading card.

Valve also released this week a humorous short Team Fortress 2 film alongside some new in-game emotes. You can visit the Steam storefront for complete information.