With the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) behind us, many members of the community focused their blogs on a number of the games and announcements revealed at the event. The general consensus seems to suggest the show focused on games, which is good news for all of us. But there were still a few contentious topics that had the industry talking.

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Picasso & Video Games
Marco Polo considers the dynamics that lead some video game developers to be capable of continually producing blockbusters while others can't recapture the magic of their past successes.

Why Amiibo Is Nintendo's New Revolution
The Destroyer responds to Nintendo's announcement that the company will be creating its own version of game-compatible figurines similar to what Skylander and Disney Infinity offers players.

Uncharted 4 Should End The Series
One of Sony's biggest reveals at E3 was for Uncharted 4, one of the crown jewels exclusive to the PlayStation platform. Irwin529 talks about the coverage and how it might be time to end the series.

Rainbow Six, Far Cry, Dying Light & More
Fan favorite and featured blogger Kyle Wadsworth was able to attend E3 once again this year, and provides a truly independent and impartial gamer's perspective of the event and a few of the games he saw.

Lara Croft Seeking Help Isn't Weakness, It's Strength
Cameron Koch responds to some of the negativity associated with the Tomb Raider trailer revealed at E3 and the notion that Lara Croft talking with some sort of counselor is a sign of weakness.

Top Ten Legend Of Zelda Games
Vannah Fox the Triforce Wielder is easily one of the biggest fans of the Legend of Zelda series around these parts and is known for posting blogs related to the series – like this one listing the top ten games.

Games I Thought I Would Enjoy
Joshua Bowers lists a few games that he thought he'd enjoy, but once he started playing them he discovered he didn't. You may be surprised with some of his choices. Be sure to reply with your own picks.

Rethinking PAX And E3
CodeNameCrono muses about major video game conferences like E3 and PAX, while questioning the relevancy of these shows and whether they need to change to in order to expand their reach.

Ubisoft's Hollow Words Are Getting Old
Ubisoft found themselves in the spotlight at E3 for all the wrong reasons, with two of their games being criticized for their exclusion of female characters. Jon Gregory shares his view.

Sony Drops The Mic With The Most Important Game Of The Current Generation
The Chair Leg of Truth is super excited with Sony's presentation at E3 and the footage they showed for No Man's Sky, an upcoming science-fiction video game described by some as a Han Solo simulator.

Community Reviews:

Watch Dogs Review
Watch Dogs sold a ton of units when it released a few weeks ago, but how well does it play? John Wrek provides his analysis of Ubisoft's new title and arguably one of the year's hottest games.

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