Rovio and Hasbro are teaming up for a new Angry Birds mashup. After the success of the Star Wars titles, Rovio has hooked a new license. Soon, Angry Birds will be more than meets the eye.

Angry Birds Transformers is coming soon to mobile devices, and the title will make use of the Telepod function found in Angry Birds Go and Angry Birds Star Wars II. By placing a figure on the base, you’ll have access to that bird in the game.

Rovio says that the game will appeal to fans of the original 1980s cartoon (with some of those iconic characters depicted above) and newcomers to the franchise. More details on how Transformers will change up the Angry Birds format are coming soon. 


Our Take
As much as I love Transformers (and I really love Transformers), I’m skeptical. I think I’m all Angry Birds’d out, and even G1 Transformers will have a hard time wooing me back.