A trailer was leaked today that shows off gameplay as well as character and monster design for Bloodborne. An alleged screenshot was also leaked that points to a potential release date for the game.

The trailer seems very convincing, especially after the leak back in late May which featured some of the same footage. It also refers to the game as "Project Beast" which indicates that this is an older trailer. 

There's no telling what may or may not be different from the trailer build or the current build, but it does paint a picture of what we might expect from the gameplay and creature design. The framerate is also noticeably poor throughout the trailer, but seeing as this is more than likely a very early build, there's still plenty of time before release to work out those kinks.

In addition, this alleged screenshot of the PlayStation store points towards a release date of March 31 2015, a Tuesday. 

We will continue updating as more news comes in. For now, be sure to catch up on our previous Bloodborne and other E3 games coverage by clicking the banner below. 

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Our Take
If this trailer is indeed to be trusted and we're look at what Bloodborne will play like, then you can count me in for a day one purchase on the 31st. I'm a huge lover of the Souls series and I'm glad that From is mixing up the formula a bit but staying true to what made the series what it is.