DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson tells us that the partnership between DICE and Visceral will have some immediate benefits due to ongoing work on Battlefield 4. Because of the shared technology, improvements to one title will have impact on the other.

"There are knowledge transfers being done all the time between the two groups," Troedsson told us today at E3. "Naturally that's needed to help out a new team like Visceral to take on a beast like a new Battlefield game. There has been a lot of collaboration going on in the background. We're all on the same codebase, with the same subset of the Battlefield gameplay codebase."

One immediate benefit will be present in the Battlefield Hardline beta. "The most notable example is, perhaps, the netcode upgrade that went live in BF 4 just recently," Troedsson says. "I heard from the guys just recently that they are actually thinking about patching that into the beta to see how that works in the Hardline codebase."