The final day of the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is here and the general consensus seems to be it was a great show with lots of cool and exciting games on the horizon. As things slowly get back to normal, enjoy some non-E3 related blogs to help with the transition.

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The Possibilities Of Mario Kart 8 DLC
Is it too early to start speculating about additional content for a game that just released? Gaming Warthog doesn't think so, as he considers the possibility of Mario Kart 8 DLC.

DinoZ: Surviving In The Stomping Land
Cameron Koch shares his thoughts on The Stomping Land, a dinosaur-rich game already funded on Kickstarter that he describes as part DayZ and part Jurassic Park.

 A Free-To-Play Game Worth Your Time: Territory War 3
Mysterious Stranger discovers a free-to-play game called Territory War 3 that doesn't significantly penalize those who don't spend any money on the extra content and truly play the game for free.

Hit & Miss: WildStar
Jon Gregory was able to get a sneak peek of the highly anticipated WildStar launch and was kind of enough to share his thoughts about the highs and lows of what the game has to offer. 

25 iOS Games Worth Playing (15-11)
There are so many mobile phone games available that sometimes the hardest problem is figuring out which one to play. Check out Alto1st's list of iOS games that are worth your time. 

What Resident Evil 7 Could Do To Be Stellar
The Destroyer reflects on the Resident Evil games with a specific focus on the 7th installment in the series currently being developed and what can be done to make it even better.

How To Fix The Metroid Franchise
With nearly a dozen games in the Metroid series, the beloved franchise seems to be on the decline. RezidentHazard (Skeptical Inquirer) has some thoughts on how to get Samus back on track.

What To Expect When Starting A Let's Play: A Beginner's Perspective
Let's Play is a popular feature among gamers where one or more hosts play a particular game and usually add commentary. Bluubeetle offers a primer on what to expect should you host a Let's Play.

Community Reviews:

Review: Outlast
Parker Lemke admits Outlast, a first-person survival horror video game developed and published by Red Barrels, might be a flawed game but still manages to deliver a terrifying experience.

Monument Valley Review
Have you heard of Monument Valley? No, not the plateau located in Colorado – the puzzle game developed and published by Ustwo. John Wrek plays it and shares his thoughts in this review.

Mario Kart 8 Review: King Of The Road
It sounds like Krobolt thoroughly enjoyed everything about Mario Kart 8, which shouldn't be a surprise because lots of people are talking about how amazing the latest game in the series is.

Sit, Stay, Roll Over, Hack. Good Boy.
Cal analyses the recently released Watch Dogs in this solid review focusing on what the game does right, but also mentioning a few flaws that keep it from being a truly remarkable game.

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