NBA Live returned last year after spending four years on the bench. It met with critical disdain and community disappointment at launch, leading the team to invest time and energy in post-launch support that overhauled sources of player complaints.

In a conversation with EA chief operating officer Peter Moore, we had the opportunity to chat about the future of the company's NBA offering. "I don't see any negativity anymore," Moore said, speaking about NBA Live 14 after significant post-launch updating. "It wasn't what we had hoped it would have been on day one, but the team stuck to it, and it's got a very clear community that has railed around it."

Moore says that NBA Live isn't going anywhere, even if this year's edition isn't the perfect expression of a digital basketball simulation. EA is willing to give the franchise time to mature after its long dormant period.

"It's still the platform for us going forward. It's our 17th year with the NBA, and we don't quit easily," Moore says. "It's disappointing that we have allowed ourselves to get into this situation, and we're totally to blame, but we've got a great executive producer in Sean O'Brien. We're a company that has the resources to rally around it."

This year isn't make-or-break, Moore tells us. "We're committed to the license. We're committed to the sport."