An emotional new trailer sets the stage for The Division's viral outbreak and the ensuing drama.

After showing off Just Dance 2015 with a joyous on-stage dance number, Ubisoft's E3 press conference took a decidedly abrupt change in tone with a haunting new trailer for The Division. Presented as a time-lapse video, the trailer shows the rapid decay that New York City has undergone, as invisible characters barricade apartment doors, hoard resources, and turn on one another. "Tragedy is invisible," the narrator says, before a squad of soldiers (presumably the characters gamers will be playing as) show up to protect a civilian being held at gunpoint by a band of looters. After an impromptu staring contest, the looters flee, but a new danger emerges from the side street; a wall of fire precedes a gang of well-armed strangers riding in on a garbage truck. One of the soldiers ushers out the civilian as the rest of the squad takes up position behind cover, and the camera pans up to a sign that says "Take back New York."  

While not as informative as the actual gameplay demo from today's Microsoft press conference, the trailer conveys the grim tone Ubisoft is aiming for, and does a good job setting up the conflict between the the player characters and dangerous predators of The Division.

We'll have more on Ubisoft's new-gen only MMO shooter later this week.