Whether you’re going to the show, or watching from a distance, everyone has a special routine. What’s yours?

For gamers, June is a big deal. Not many games generally release during the month, but what happens at E3 typically sets the tone and the direction of the industry for the rest of the year.

Before covering the show for Game Informer, I would make sure to watch every press conference, even if I was streaming it in a hidden tab at work. Once I had free time, I would queue up all the recently released trailers I wanted to see and watch them back to back.

These days, being at the show, my routine is a little different. What’s your methodology behind absorbing all the news from the show? Do you take time off work? Do you watch the shows with friends? Or do you gasp and get excited at announcements in your cubicle while those around you become increasingly confused by your actions as I used to?

E3 2014 begins on Monday, and you will be able to see all of our coverage by heading here. Bookmark it now!