Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was the hot topic of the week and understandably so - it is one of the biggest events in the world of video games and is just a few days away. This week's episode of Blog Herding also features a few community announcements worth checking out. Enjoy.

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Period Reviewed: May 26 - June 01, 2014
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Community Events:

Game Informer welcomes a new round of interns to the team to assist the staff with the day to day duties of bringing us the latest in video game news from around the world. Check out their introduction blog posts here:  Harry Mackin, Wayne Stainrook, and Dimitri Gedevanishvili.

Team Game Informer - Extra Life 2014 Kick-Off!

The Extra Life charity event is several months away, but that doesn't stop Zachary Pligge from leading the community effort to support this cause with his kick-off announcement to get the ball rolling.

Community Blogs:

When I Am Not Gaming I Am Thinking About Gaming (Is That Bad?)
LetMeGetToACheckpoint considers how often we think about a particular game when we're not playing it perhaps a better measure of our reception of the game than something as simple as giving it a score.

Do's And Don'ts For The Average Gamer Going Into E3
Are you going to E3 this year? This major industry event is right around the corner and cerpintaxman shares some insider information on how to get the most out of the experience with some helpful tips.

My Favorite Shooter Isn't What You Might Expect
The number of shooters saturating the battlefield has somewhat subsided over the years and former intern Cameron Koch reveals which unlikely title is his favorite game in the genre.

Top Ten Things That I Hate To See In Video Games
An interesting blog from Servant of God mentioning a number of features and in-game elements he's not particularly fond of. Check out his list and see whether you agree or not.

Top Ten Mario Kart Tracks
With the release of Mario Kart 8 finally here, TheDarkestLink categorizes his favorite tracks from the previous versions of the game and includes the original title where the track first appeared.

Chances Are, You Are A Game Student
Mike (who some of you may recognize as Shotgun65) is currently working towards a background in video game development and stops by to share some insight into what he's learned so far.

5 Reasons I'm Excited For My New Wii U
The Wii U received a lot of negative coverage due to its rocky launch, but there are gamers like RadiantChaos who admit they are pleased with their decision to purchase Nintendo's latest console.

Pre-E3 2014 Wishes
One of the biggest events in the world of video games is about to start in just a few days. Whirz shares his thoughts on what he hopes to witness from the show.

GIO Member Herding: Part 65 Of XX
It's that time again when thegodofwine7 selects someone from the community to interview and he picked a real winner this time that most of you are almost certainly going to recognize.

The New Generation Of Games Has Messaging Problems
Jon Gregory admits he's not a fan with how a number of studios have failed to promote their products with effective messaging, and with E3 next week, there isn't much time to get this issue resolved.

Community Reviews:

Think I'll Go Where It Suits Me
Stranger posts a brilliant and thorough review of Transistor, the widely popular science fiction action role playing video game from Supergiant Games that everybody seemed to be talking about.

The Walking Dead Season Two: "In Harm's Way" Review
Josh Kowbel highlights the latest struggles with surviving the zombie apocalypse in his review of "In Harm's Way", the third episode in The Walking Dead: Season Two video game series.

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Video Game Quote of the Week From Twitter:
Linking a video game played by tens of millions of people to a criminal is like linking "wakes up in the morning" or "eats at McDonald's" @BriProv