DICE has announced that promised “netcode” improvements for Battlefield 4 are rolling out across platforms. Today’s update covers PC and last-gen consoles. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One patches are coming this week.

The patch was developed in part using the “community test environment” (test servers available only on PC). PC and new-gen systems will benefit from something DICE calls the “high frequency bubble.” This increases the pace of updates from the server to the client.

Because of the extra demand on your bandwidth, this is turned off by default and has three different levels of operation (low, medium, high). If your connection is 1Mbit or better, you can use the “high” setting.

This will be available first on 48-player servers and some 64-player servers. DICE will monitor during the testing phase and, should all go smoothly, enable the high frequency update for all servers.

DICE also assures that this is not the final netcode update, and more improvements are coming. The community test environment is still open for those Premium members playing on PC.

[Source: Battlelog]


Our Take
Hopefully, Battlefield 4 is now in the polishing stages. It took a while to get here, but if the experience is becoming solid (and worth the money), at least those who dove in early are playing the game they paid for now.