Now that Watch Dogs is finally in our hands, it looks like it will be taking up a good chunk of weekend time for many of us. Still, a few of us are still hanging back and finishing up some games on our backlogs which is never a bad thing. What are you guys playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

Mike Futter: This weekend, I’ll be exploring digital Chicago in Watch Dogs. While that will probably consume most of my weekend, I’ve still got one eye firmly set on Transistor. I’ve been holding off on starting it, and might just spend some time with it this weekend.

Kyle Hilliard: I finally beat Dark Souls II last night, which means I can move on to other things in my life, like cleaning the house and playing Watch Dogs. I also ordered Stephen Chow's Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons on Blu-ray yesterday, so I am hoping to check it out this weekend.

Tim Turi: With Infamous Second Son completed, this weekend I’ll be continuing the blast Nazis in Wolfenstein. I also hope to make some more progress in Transistor. I’ll be on the road a bit, so I plan on playing some more of the charming Kero Blaster, a fun iOS side-scroller by the developers of Cave Story.

Daniel Tack: WildStar all weekend for me! Stormtalon Exile is where all the cool kids will be.

Jeff Marchiafava: After playing nothing but Watch Dogs for the week or so, I’m looking forward to heading back to Infamous Second Son and finally trying out Transistor. That and my least favorite game of all: Mow Jeff M’s Lawn. I’m really tired of the annual sequels in that series.

Ben Hanson: I'm really excited to check out the new State of Decay DLC that just came out, but I don't know if I'll have time. I also have been meaning to finish Transistor. Games are already starting to pile up and I haven't even had time to go back and play more Age of Mythology!

Wayne Stainrook: Although I still haven’t played all the way through Cave Story, I’m trying out Kero Blaster on iOS this weekend. And I might just be able to finish Fire Emblem: Awakening after nearly a year of playing on and off and move on to something new on 3DS (Kirby Triple Deluxe, perhaps?).

Dimitri Gedevanishvili: My biggest goal this weekend is to finally get started on Watch Dogs. I still haven’t opened the game yet since I bought it at launch so I hope I’ll have some time to delve into it. I also want to finally beat Vendrick in Dark Souls II, although after dying a dozen or so times I’m close to just giving up.