Sony's Jack Tretton had been the master of ceremonies for the company's E3 press conferences in recent years. Now, he'll be commentating on all the major E3 press conferences for Spike.

The news came today via a tweet from Spike TV's video game correspondent and Gametrailers TV host Geoff Keighley, who wrote: "Thrilled that my friend Jack Tretton will be joining the Spike All Access team as guest correspondent for all of E3."

Tretton will be offering analysis and commentary on not only the Microsoft and Sony press conferences, but also the presentations from publishers like EA and Ubisoft.

Tretton told Kotaku, ""Since I dropped the mic last year on Spike I thought it was only appropriate to pick it back up for E3 this year! I've been to every E3 but this year I'm excited to see the show through a different lens with the team at Spike. I'll be watching the news and announcements unfold alongside the fans and the rest of the industry, and I can't wait to see the new games that everyone is bringing to the table."

Jack Tretton resigned from his position as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America this past March after a 19 year career with the company.

Sources: Twitter, Kotaku

Our Take:
Now, this is interesting! I'm going to be genuinely curious to see what Tretton has to say about the presentations. His genial presence will no doubt be missed by Sony, but I'm glad he's going to be involved with E3 in some way. And, with last year's uproarious smackdown of Microsoft, he certainly went out on top.