Some people love League of Legends. Some people love metal music. Some of those people are the same. Appealing to the overlapping slice of those audiences, the band Pentakill creates metal music inspired by Riot's flagship title.

Riot describes Pentakill as a "passion project created by a number of musicians within Riot as well as some professional rockers." To hear what the band is all about, listen to the first single, Lightbringer, below.

Pentakill's full album, "Smite and Ignite," will be available for free download on June 3 via the Pentakill site.


Our Take
I don't really listen to metal, so I can't offer any comments about the music's quality. But maybe that's irrelevant; the options for LoL-inspired metal are pretty limited, and it's cool to see people enthusiastic enough to make this project a reality.