Today markes the six year anniversary of the Age of Conan MMO's launch, and developer Funcom is celebrating with some special events.

Shadows of the Past is a new event for players to tackle taking them through the sewers of Tarantia and take on the Red Hand. On May 23 players will also get free treasure chests. Members will receive a free Grand Treasure Chest and non-members will receive a Treasure Chest. Funcom is also launching a huge PvP expansion next week – The Festival of Bloodshed. You can learn more about the festival by heading here.

For the full press release, head to page two.


Our Take
It's hard to believe Age of Conan released six years ago. It's not a game that has many many headlines following its launch, but it obviously has a dedicated fanbase that has been keeping the game going strong. If you put the game down, or have always been interested in playing, now might be the best time to log on and play.