During its year-end financial call, which was filled with bad news about the most recently completed year, Ubisoft took some time to focus on the positive. Among the bright spots: your interest in Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft shared that Watch Dogs is the most pre-ordered new intellectual property in Ubisoft's history and across the industry this year. It’s also Ubisoft’s second most pre-ordered title ever. No specific numbers were given.

During the conference, CEO Yves Guillemot also expressed that the company plans to sell more copies of Watch Dogs than it has of the first Assassin’s Creed title. The latter moved 6.3 million copies.

Watch Dogs is out on May 27 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. A Wii U version is coming later this year.


Our Take
I still have high hopes for Watch Dogs, but I have to believe that some of those pre-orders were made in anticipation of it being a new-gen launch title. Still, there is buzz for Ubisoft’s technology-filled Chicago thriller. We’ll know soon if it lives up to the expectations.