DICE has announced a new set of servers it’s calling a “community test environment.” The developer is inviting “passionate fans” to aid in the further development of Battlefield 4.

In a blog post announcing the “CTE,” DICE says that it will first work on what is commonly known as “netcode.” This involves the way damage is registered between players and improvements to other aspects of networking. This is something that DICE said it was working on back at the beginning of March.

This will be open only on PC and first to Premium players via opt-in. There is a limit, so if you are interested in helping test Battlefield 4 improvements, you can check out the Battlelog post for more information on how to join.

[Source: Battlelog]


Our Take
This sounds an awful lot like a beta test and the first goals are items that should have been caught before launch (or at least sometime before the game turned six months old). The only silver lining is that this might improve a future game in the series, but if you’re playing Battlefield 4 now, you’re clearly playing something that still has kinks to be worked out