The dog days of summer haven't even started, but it already feels like we're experiencing a gaming drought. But that's okay, it gives us the perfect opportunity to catch up on titles like Hearthstone, Dark Souls II, and even Knight of the Old Republic. Enjoy your Star War's weekend.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I'll probably keep playing Hearthstone. I also downloaded KOTOR on my iPad for some weird reason. Oh, and then there's the second episode of Republique available as well. Again, apparently the iPad reigns supreme.

Dan Ryckert: Drinkin’.

Jeff Marchiafava: Getting sick last week completely stalled my progress in Dark Souls II – I was already miserable enough without getting repeatedly destroyed in Black Gulch. Now that I’m feeling a bit better I may jump back in. However, I’ve also been completely in love with Hearthstone lately, and given the fact that the new season just started, I’m sure I’ll play a match or two…or twenty.

Kyle Hilliard: I’m nursing a Dark Souls II addiction, so I will make an effort to progress more in that game this weekend. I’ve also got a copy of Child of Light that I’d like to try out, and I picked up Chrono Cross during Sony’s recent PSN sale. I played the first few hours many years ago, and I think  it’s time to give the Chrono Trigger follow-up another shot.

Ben Reeves: I'm finally going to Disney World! I hear they have a rodent problem. I'll see if I run into any.

Tim Turi: This weekend I hope to continue my exploits in Infamous Second Son’s version of Seattle, WA. I’m enjoying the gorgeous visuals and satisfaction of liberating sections of the city. Time on my PS4 has been divided between that game and Mercenary Kings, which has awesome chiptune music and in addictive weapon upgrade system.