Console firmware is not longer a static thing, as hardware manufacture release new software updates our consoles slowly evolve. This is a good thing, because Microsoft's Xbox One voice recognition has been a finicky beast, but an upcoming console update aims to fix that.

Microsoft's next round of improvements for the Xbox One firmware include a new sound mixer for snapped apps, which lets you select the volume levels of the different apps when you’re using Snap. The update will also allows users to opt-in to a speech data collection initiative, which will allow Microsoft to take samples from real users and add them to the company's voice recognition algorithms, which should help improve the Kinect's voice recognition.

Once this update becomes available, players will be able to install the update at their leisure, selecting the update under Settings and then System update as shown below.

Microsoft didn't list a specific release date for this update, but the official announcement did say that it would be coming soon.

[Source: Xbox Wire]


Our Take
System updates aren't very sexy news, but they are sometimes helpful, and I'll take any update that might help improve my Kinect's voice recognition software.