As the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) draws closer, industry chatter is starting to pick up and has even permeated this week's Blog Herding. But there are a handful of others talking about everything from the last generation of consoles to character representation in League of Legends. Below you will find a sampling of the best blogs from the week.

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Period Reviewed: April 21, 2014 – April 27, 2014
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How Multiplayer Is Bringing Back The Tutorial
LetMeGetToACheckpoint muses about the relevance of tutorials for multiplayer games and cites a few examples. She also thinks a good tutorial that makes the player feel accomplished is the secret.

Games To Play Before Ditching Last-Gen
Not all gamers are ready to leave their old consoles behind and make the transition to their successors. If this is you, then Irwin529 has a handful of games you may want to check out before you upgrade.

LoL's Newest Champ Is A Step In The Right Direction
League of Legends has dominated the competitive gaming scene for some time and doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. Former Game Informer intern and LoL veteran Cameron Koch weighs in on a few of the heroes from the game.

This Is The Most Important E3 In Nintendo's History
RezidentHazard (Skeptical Inquirer) makes a very important observation about Nintendo and their presence at the upcoming E3, but with Nintendo's latest announcement, who knows now.

User Discussion – Season 2 Episode 1
Trenchmace and Redqueen return from their brief break with Season 2 of their User Discussion series, a recurring feature whereby they ask members of the community video game related questions.

My Top 10 Consoles Of All Time
Blogging newcomer widdowson91 compiles a nifty little list of his favorite consoles and a number of games for each system. Check it out as you'll no doubt agree with some of his picks.

Creating A New Path Of Storytelling In Video Games
Juanolo considers the storytelling feature one of the most important elements of a great video game. He also has an idea or two about how he would like to see this feature continue to develop.

The Strange Multi-Person Perspectives Of Video Games
Jon Gregory shares his views on the ability of video games to use different perspectives to tell the story – but perhaps not the kind of perspective you might be thinking of. An interesting topic indeed.

Final Thoughts 25: Saints Row: The Third
Eric Watson marks another game off of his backlog list now that he has played through Saints Row: The Third. He summarizes all of the action in his latest blog highlighting all of the important details.

1-Up: Giving Games A Second Chance
The Destroyer announces his plan to revisit a number of different games he had mixed reactions to when he played them the first time to see if his first impression was a fair assessment or not.

Community Reviews:

Dark Souls 2: 100 Hour Review
Dark Souls 2 claims another victim as JealousOfCrows manages to escape the game's clutches long enough to chronicle details of the adventure. You don't want to miss the Dark Souls 2 inspired cartoon.

The New Titan Of Multiplayer
Xbox 360 owners now have the opportunity to experience Titanfall, and reactions have been mostly positive. If you're not convinced, perhaps this review from Alto1st will help you decide.

Saints Row IV Review: Commander In Chief
Saints Row IV is described as a comedy action adventure game but xl9 describes it as one of the best video game experiences he's ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Check out his review to see why he thinks so.

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Video Game Quote of the Week From Twitter:
"Talking to some of the guys about sports & realized I can't wait for the day when people say their favorite sport is a video game." @candyslexia