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TeeFury, a site with daily t-shirt offers, has two different game-themed options today. Whether you are a died in the wool Zelda fan or fell in love with The Last of Us last year, these designs are neat.

The Last of Us shirt is something new from the company and features a flip-up design. You’ll recognize the pattern on the front is a perfect match for Ellie’s sunset shirt. However, the underside reveals why the design is called “The Last of Fung-us”

The Legend of Zelda shirt uses the sprites from Link to the Past. It’s a worthy choice culled from the best of the Zelda franchise’s past. Of course, you already know that "It's Dangerous to Mow Alone," so take this shirt (if you win).

All you need to do is comment and we’ll choose winners at random. Those selected will have a choice of shirt and size.

If you don't win, but want to get one of these anyway, you can head over to TeeFury's website. Each is available for $11, today only. TeeFury also has a new gallery featuring shirts worn on Nerdist News. You can check that out here.

Act fast. Our contest ends at 11:59 p.m. Eastern tonight. We'll select winners tomorrow.