Blizzard's polished digital card game and Bandai Namco's brutal dark action adventure seem to be eating up a large portion of our staff's time, but some of us will still be taking care of some basic human needs.

Dan Ryckert: Drinkin’.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I'm going to jump back into Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. I saw the main mission played through several times back when we did the cover story, but I'm looking forward to dinking around a little bit on my own. Other than that, I'm also planning on continuing my Witch Doctor's trek through Reaper of Souls. Also Hearthstone or whatever.

Kyle Hilliard: I crossed the threshold of Dark Souls II finally becoming a fun game, and I really want to play it. It took a long time, a lot of deaths, and a fair bit of souls farming, but I am enjoying the game to the point where it is all I am interested in playing at the moment. Other than that, I’d like to watch the second episode of Fargo after enjoying the first, and my wife and I tracked down a babysitter so I think we’ll be having a movie/date night. Also, it’s not snowing anymore (fingers crossed) so I am going to have my daughter work on her tricycle skills.

Tim Turi: I feel like I’ve been playing Dark Souls II for an eternity. I do love the game but I think it’s time for me to wrap things up. I’m veering away from optional content in favor of focusing on finishing the main path. In addition, I hope to get in some more Hearthstone and FTL on my iPad.

Andrew Reiner: I'm playing Dark Souls II, Batman: Cold, Cold Heart, and as much Hearthstone that I can. Potential movie/TV show watching includes Revolution: Season 1, and American Hustle.

Ben Reeves: Drinking, eating, pooping.

Mike Futter: This weekend, I’ll be finishing Infamous Second Son on my first (heroic) play through. Afterwards, I will be using my neon powers to obliterate enemies with headshots. I might also start up Marvel: Ultimate Alliance again after watching Thor 2 and Cap 2 last weekend.