A pair of brothers, Jeff and Robbie Benson, have been working on an EarthBound documentary surrounding the continued appreciation of the cult classic game.

The film, titled EarthBound, USA, is inspired by the EarthBound fan site Starmen.net. The duo has been performing assorted interviews with fans about the game and its rise to limited popularity in United States. On the film's official website, a description for the film reads, "The documentary is called EarthBound USA, and it’s about how EB fans have fought to popularize the Mother series in North America since the 1990’s."

The Bensons had hoped to keep progress on the film under wraps a little longer, but after an interview with EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi, he tweeted out that he had spoken to the two about the film in an interview.

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[Source: EarthBound, USA, via IGN]