Konami announced today that two Silent Hill titles, Origins and Shattered Memories, will be coming to Vita. The announcement only specifies a European release right now, and we’re waiting on word from Konami about plans for North America.

We gave PSP title Origins a 7.75, citing its “tired controls and jumpy camera,” though praising its music and scares. Shattered Memories, a remake of the first title in the series, originally released on the Wii. We awarded it a 6.25 given the poor motion controls, but lauded its twist on the original tale.

The game was later released on PlayStation 2 and PSP. We’ll update should we receive a response from Konami about a North American release. No European release date has been announced, but pricing is set at £7.99/€9.95 each.

[Source: Polygon]


Our Take
Having never played a traditional Silent Hill game, I can’t speak for the quality of these in the series. I can, however, say that the story Tim described in his review of Shattered Memories sounds like something I might like to experience and would try on the Vita.