Sony has announced two new features for the upcoming 1.7 firmware update. The Share button is about to get an increase in utility, and the hefty game downloads on the PlayStation 4 won’t be as much of a problem for those who pre-order digital versions.

ShareFactory is Sony’s answer to Upload Studio on the Xbox One. You’ll be able to edit your clips, add commentary (and video via the PlayStation camera), drop in music (either included or original tracks), and add a bit of flare in the form of visual effects and transitions.

Once you have your creation complete, you can share it with your friends. Facebook uploading and support for USB drives will allow you to get your clips to a wider audience. External video capture support is also coming in this update, so you can hook up your device via HDMI and grab the video that way, too. 

Sony will also be implementing pre-loading for digital pre-orders. Now, if you purchase a title before it’s released and have the automatic download function enabled, your game will be pushed to your system in advance of its release. It won’t unlock until release, but you’ll be able to start playing immediately.

No release date has been announced for update 1.7. Sony did, however, share yesterday that over 7 million PS4 units have been sold to customers since launch.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
Digital pre-loading is crucial with the increased size of new-gen games, and the inclusion of this feature might nudge some more people away from retail. The editing suite looks robust, and I’m looking forward to seeing how clips look after editing and compression.