If you answered "Stray Hound," reward yourself with a cookie and a pat on the back. As of this writing, PlayStation 3 players have killed 78,396,878 of these easy foes, whereas Xbox 360 players have only felled 32,200,775 of them. This data comes from a new "Enemy" portal added to Dark Souls II's official Beyond the Bonfire website.

The runner-up in deaths is the Hollow Royal Soldier (Greatsword), dying 65,805,375 times on PlayStation 3, and 26,948,637 times on Xbox 360. The enemy that has perished the least is the Prowling Magus. PlayStation 3 players have only reaped the souls from 228,949 of them, and Xbox 360 have only racked up 83,934 kills against this adversary.

For more enemy death stats, visit the website. Note: This data does not include boss fights.


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Step up your game, Xbox 360 players! Wait...I'm playing on Xbox 360. D'oh!