Players from 181 countries have put nearly 50 years worth of time into Wasteland's beta. The final game won't take players quite that long, but could clock in around 50 hours. Here's an early look at Los Angeles, the setting for the second half of the game.

InXile's Kickstarter-funded Wasteland resurrects many of the post-apocalyptic concepts found in the original Wasteland (and Fallout), letting players explore a vast RPG world and shape the environment and population through their choices. The first half of the beta has allowed players to explore the first half of the game, but next week's update will let players explore the rest, which takes place in Los Angeles. Players will recognize the ruins of familiar landmarks overgrown with wild plant life. Get a closer look at Wasteland's Los Angeles below.

“I felt it was important for us to exceed our Kickstarter backers' expectations and deliver a truly deep RPG,” says inXile CEO Brian Fargo. "There is a tremendous amount of gameplay that is either easy to miss or mutually exclusive, so while those 50 hours will suffice for a single playthrough, there are plenty of reasons to go back for a second one.”

For more on Wasteland, check out our preview of the game from GamesCom 2013.


Our Take
I don't know if I'll have time to play through Wasteland, but I'll happily try. Fifty hours is a pretty hefty investment. Based on this single screen, Wasteland's LA doesn't look vastly different from other areas, but considering this is a post-apocalyptic world, what can you expect?