PAX East is in full swing, but we know that some of you weren't able to make it out to Boston. In order to give you the show experience from the comfort of your own home, we've taken some pictures of some of the best sights and cosplay at the show.

A giant statue of Evolve's Goliath monster looms over the entire show floor.

We caught up with Dante by the Square Enix booth.

The armor work on this costume is impressive.

Not shown: The guns strapped to the back of her legs. There were a few Bayonettas, but only she had the weapons.

So, about that Jak and Daxter reboot...

Someone in the media line was cosplaying as Bane. We think. No... nevermind... that's a GoPro.

How many orks do you have to kill before you get the light-up skulls?

This is the Handsome Jack statue at the 2K booth. He just wants to hug you. Promise.

Strip the flesh!

We would play this game.

An Ezio inspired costume...

And Edward, too!

Even Loki has her own Assassin here at PAX.

It'sa all of you!

Card Against Humanity is branching out. (There are cards in the oatmeal.)

We're not sure who he is, but he is very tall.

What you can't see is that the blue cords light up like Cole's lightning. VERY cool in person.