Whether you're playing Infamous Second Son and its Paper Trail DLC or not, we're curious to know what you think about its approach to gameplay content taking place outside of the game.

If you're unfamiliar with Infamous Second Son's Paper Trail DLC, it's a series of released and planned free episodes that tell a side story to the main one experienced in Second Son. As Delsin Rowe in the game, players discover murder crime scenes littered with evidence. Once you collect that evidence, you must go to infamouspapertrail.com, create an account, connect it to your PSN account, and examine the evidence online.

In one episode, you discover the wallet of a detective. Using the contents of the wallet, which includes his business card, vacation pictures, and a parking garage ticket, you're able to visit the website of his detective agency and hack into his e-mail address by answering password security questions like what is his favorite vacation spot and where does he park his car? After that, players unlock a new mission back in the game, which leads them to more online mystery solving, and so on and so forth.

The in-game missions are short, and typically involve chasing down the paper-powered conduit that keeps leaving evidence for you. The online content is where the majority of gameplay takes place, and it plays more like a DS murder mystery like Hotel Dusk, for example, than Infamous' established action gameplay.

After posting a story about the fourth episode earlier today, and posting that story on twitter, I saw a few tweets like the ones seen below.

I'm personally a fan of the DLC and find it to be an innovative take on the second-screen gameplay that is becoming more and more popular. It also allows you to make progress in the game while you're away from your PlayStation 4. That being said, the actual gameplay is so radically different from what players want and expect from Infamous that I understand why some would feel lukewarm about it. Even as someone who is enjoying the mystery, I have put off doing the online portion a few times to do it later because it is so unlike Infamous.

I pose the question here because our comments section offers far more characters than Twitter, and I am curious to know the general consensus on the DLC. Even if you're not playing the game, does it sound interseting? Have you been keeping up with the new episodes week to week? Would you like to see more content like this in future Infamous DLC, or other games? Let's talk about it below.