As is becoming PAX tradition, Gearbox placed its stamp on the show's final day. Hot on the heels of the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel announcement, the studio packed the main theatre at the Boston Convention Center to talk about Gearbox, Homeworld, and more.

"We enjoy Borderlands so much that we just want to keep working on it," franchise director Matt Armstrong said. With Sir Hammerlock vs. The Son of Crawmerax, the final DLC coming next week, you might think that is the end of Borderlands content. However, CEO Randy Pitchford says that there will be another free update coming some time after.

As for the upcoming Borderlands 2 Vita version, it came from a fan question at Rezzed last year. In response to an inquiry about Borderlands 2 on Vita, Pitchford said that he would love to see another developer take that on. That caught the attention of Sony's Adam Boyes who thought that was a great idea. The two then tweeted a teaser picture at Gearbox's Community Day of Boyes and Pitchford holding a Vita. This was before any deal had been struck (a risky move).

Sony was serious about it and hooked up Gearbox with Iron Galaxy, the developers of Divekick. That version will be bundled with the new PS Vita on May 6. The standalone version will be available the week later. "This never would have happened if you didn't scream so loud and plead and beg and blow up our Twitter feeds," Pitchford told the audience.

Borderlands will also be getting more comics featuring the vault hunters. Those will be coming soon.