At the Gearbox panel at PAX East, the studio announced that the upcoming Homeworld HD will be getting a collector's edition. Not only that, the game will be running in 4K resolution (if your PC can support it).

The collectors' edition will include a foot-tall mothership statue. Only a very small number will be made (in the low thousands), and it's likely going to carry a hefty price tag.

The ship will have a USB port that will power the internal lights. "We're hoping to break even," says Gearbox Software vice president of marketing Steve Gibson. "The number of people who touch this on the assembly line is over 100."

Homeworld is a real-time strategy developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra in 1999. The property was owned by THQ after it purchased Relic. Gearbox acquired the franchise in the second major auction following the bankruptcy and closure of THQ.