John Salter, an arcade champion, played Armor Attack for three days to set two world records.

Salter began playing the game on April 9, and finally ended his Armor Attack run on April 12 playing for 85 hours and 16 minutes straight on a single quarter/credit. His marathon bested the previous record held by George Leutz who played a game for 84 hours and 48 minutes last year.

The news of the record comes from website who reports that Salter achieved the goal by amassing hundreds of lives and leaving the game to take short naps.

Along with setting the record for highest marathon a single credit, Salter also set a new high score for Armor Attack. Salter ended his run with a score of 2,211,990, besting the previous record score of 2,009,000.

For more on the record check out, which also hosted the live stream for Salter's marathon.

[Source:, via Polygon]