If you haven't been able to play Titanfall yet, a Mineraft mod has you covered. Ironfall is a Titanfall inspired mod that has released as a playable pre-alpha game hosted by The Chunk.

Ironfall features 8v8 combat, double jumping, and the ability to call down a Golem (each team can have up to four at a time) and pilot it much like the Titans in Titanfall. Currently, the only playable mode is Attrition. If you’d like to see how Ironfall handles, check out the video below of YouTuber BrenyBeast playing it.

Different Golem types, game modes, and wall running are coming soon, according to the blog post on Imgur. Ironfall can be played by connecting to The Chunk’s Minecraft servers at hub.TheChunk.net.

The Chunk hosts several other Minecraft mods, including BlockWars, MinerWare, Thimble, Ender, and more.