Last night, Microsoft pushed out three new features for update preview participants. These are planned for the next public update, which should be arriving this month.

Preview members will note that the blu-ray player now supports 50 Hz playback for content recorded at 50 Hz. The blu-ray app will also be getting a more substantial update in the near future.

There are new firmware updates for the controller and headset adapter that will reduce static and improve wireless connectivity. Finally, updates are becoming more seamless.

The latest firmware push will enable updates to happen automatically and then return the console to standby, provided you use the “instant on” feature. You’ll also be able to manually update now instead of waiting for the console to grab it from the cloud on its own. The feature is under system settings and will only display when there is a new update.

[Source: Xbox Wire]


Our Take
I appreciate the more frequent nature of the Xbox One updates. Doing two major pushes each year in the spring and fall worked for the Xbox 360, but with the connectivity features of the Xbox One, there is no reason to wait for major seasonal updates. I’m still looking forward to the first major dashboard overhaul, though. The Xbox One still isn’t the most intuitive user interface to navigate.