Tickets for Valve’s Dota 2 championship event, The International, went on sale on Friday. Just an hour later, all of the approximately 10,000 tickets for the July event at Seattle’s Key Arena were gone.

Valve confirmed to onGamers that that both general admission and VIP tickets are currently sold out, and the Key Arena won’t yet disclose if another wave will be made available. Scalpers are currently taking advantage of the situation on eBay, raising the price of $99 general admission tickets by four to five times. 

Floor seats and VIP packages were also available for $199 and $499 respectively. These can be found on eBay at a similar markup.

At last year’s event, $2.8 million in prizes were awarded, with $1.2 million coming from sales of a $10 event “compendium.” Top prize was $1.4 million and went to Alliance. The Dota 2 championships will take place July 18 - 21. You can read our Dota 2 review here.

[Source: onGamers]


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As large as eSports is getting, it still hasn’t fully permeated mainstream gaming. Perhaps that's because MOBAs have a language all their own that requires extensive experience to comprehend, or that competitive gaming necessitates making a choice between watching others play or doing it ourselves. I don’t know what the mainstream hook is, but unless someone finds it, eSports growth may eventually hit a ceiling.