Update: Both Kim Swift and Clint Hocking have confirmed their new positions at Amazon. Both Swift and Hocking have updated their LinkedIn profiles with the new information. Both are listed as senior designers.

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This morning, Amazon announced its new media device, the Fire TV. While it presented games as a “bonus” at its press conference, two hires seem to indicate the company is taking things a bit more seriously.

Kotaku is reporting that Amazon has hired Portal co-creator Kim Swift and Splinter Cell game director Clint Hocking. Swift most recently worked on Ouya exclusive Soul Fjord at Airtight games and Hocking spent time at Valve and LucasArts. Hocking did not ship at a game at either company, though.

Amazon’s Fire TV launched today for $99 with a $40 controller. The company’s first exclusive game, Sev Zero, also launched today. Amazon also recently acquired Killer Instinct and Strider developer Double Helix.

[Source: Kotaku]


Our Take
Both hires bolster the Amazon Game Studios ranks, but Swift hasn’t again reached the lofty bar set by Portal and Hocking hasn’t shipped a game in years. Here’s hoping the two can recapture some of their former magic.