Call of Duty: Ghosts' second DLC pack, which includes new multiplayer maps and new content for the game's cooperative Extinction mode, is only a few days away from its April 3 release date on Xbox Live. Now a new trailer highlights some of the alien encounters players will face in Extinction's second episode, titled "Mayday!"

Following the events of the mode's first episode "Nightfall," the Quick Reaction Force has been sent in to investigate a ghost ship adrift in the South Pacific. Turns out there is a reason the ship is abandoned, as hostile aliens have of course taken over. Players must fight their way through new enemy types like the wall-clinging "Seeders" and the massive "Kraken" in order to make it off the ship alive.

A trailer released yesterday gives players a closer look at four of the Devastation DLC pack's new maps, including a new weapon and a guest appearance from a classic sci-fi character.