An artist has created an impress set of Disney princesses drawn as pixel art fighting game characters. Michael Villamejor, the ex-senior UI designer at Disney Social Games, has been creating these images for over a year, which will possibly be available to purchase soon.

The designs are for a fake game called Super Disney All Star Battle Heroes 2 Turbo that draws its character roster from the Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel universes. So far he has created designs for Elsa, Lilo, Jasmine, Mulan, Minnie, Leia, and more. 

In a blog post today, Villamejor said that he would try to make the prints available for purchase, due to “a lot of requests for prints.” He has also released an imagine giving some insight into how he designs the pixel princesses, which was done to celebrate his Tumblr blog getting 1000 followers.

You can follow Villamejor on his Tumblr to keep up with his latest pixel art releases and news about the possibility of prints being sold.