Seth Killian (pictured left), a familiar name among fighting game fans, has left his position as a lead game designer with Sony Computer Entertainment and moved on to a new, unnamed venture.

Though he was a fixture in the fighting game scene before, Killian came into the spotlight when he was working with Capcom leading up the launch of Street Fighter IV. In fact, the game's final boss is named after him (as is a character in Divekick). He joined Sony in 2012, helping to create PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Killian confirmed the departure via Twitter, though he only hints that we should "stay tuned" to see his current project.

[Source: Twitter via Silconera]


Our Take
Seth Killian has a unique set of skills, with expertise spanning game development and community interaction. Those can be valuable assets, so we're looking forward to seeing what enticed him away from Sony Santa Monica.