Joe Danger Infinity was the number one selling app in 17 countries and reached the top five lists in over 70 countries. Now, those who downloaded the game will have even more to enjoy with a series of daily challenges.

According to developer Hello Games, Joe has died an average of 1,700 times an hour ever since the game was released. But that number will probably jump into the air like a stuntman thanks to today's Daily Challenge Content Update.

The update unlocks a new level for player to play each day, but these levels aren't about winning medals, they're about score. Depending on how well you play, you'll earn a bag of coins at the end of each challenge. If you already own the game, boot it up and see how far up the leaderboards you can climb. If you don't have the game yet, check out our review and see if it sounds like the kind of game for you.


Our Take
I enjoyed Joe Danger Touch when I played it, but I haven't gotten around to playing Infinity. However, I like that Hello Games is adding extra content after the title after its release. For more details on how games evolve after launch, check out my feature on Do Updates Change Games For The Better?